Image Hostings

Usage of Image Hostings in Web Design

If you are a beginner web designer or just interested in this kind of information then it will be useful to know how to work with different types of images. How to make the file size small but keep the quality high? In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about image formats.

Differences in JPEG, GIF, and PNG formats

Before you start using formatting tools, you need to know the differences between the different types of file images and where you can get them from. So let’s look at each type of image in order:
About the format. JPG
This picture format works great with natural types of images, that is, photographs. It combines well with gradients and various backgrounds. The main disadvantage is considered to be the loss of some data which means if you save the same image many times it will lose its quality over time
About the. GIF format
Gifs use data compression which does not lead to any losses. This method works in a way that it creates a color table and each pixel has its color. This format is great for shading, logos, and anything that does not require a gradient and color change. Another feature of the gif format is that it can use transparency and animation.
About the. PNG format
The PNG format was created to improve the. GIF format. It also uses a special compression technique but has a similar format to JPEG. That is, it cannot use animation. What sets it apart from the others is the alpha transparency. This helps achieve better graphics than the gif format.

Best Image Hosting Web Sites

As we figured out the differences between image formats it’s time to look at the most effective websites that can help you in creating your image hosting website.
• Strikingly – this site has all the tools you need no matter what your goal is. The site offers a wide range of the best website templates so that you can create your image hosting site. Here you will be able to create your website page in minutes and the simple interface and customization panel will be clear to absolutely everyone
• Google Photos – This site has a free storage capacity of up to 15GB which is very good for novice photographers. Google Photos’ main feature is that it links you to other Google Accounts which greatly reduces the search time. It has a great selection of tools for creating presentations, collages, and animations and it’s very easy to use and you should have no trouble understanding it
• Imgur amature – Imigur is a place to share funny pictures and gifs and it’s also a free photo hosting site and you can use it as a beginner resource. Create an account on the site to create captions and save images to the site.