Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting Providers Review

The Internet is designed for people to share their hobbies experiences and knowledge there, if your site is evolving into something more and begins to gradually become the foundation of your business you need help in the form of a dedicated server. In this article, we will look at the best of them.

What is a dedicated web hosting server?

Creating your server is a great investment, but running a site that would withstand large amounts of traffic and have its own rules is not so easy. Need to consider many factors such as commerce, search engine optimization, reliability and security, and more. In this case, the purchase of a dedicated server is your best solution, but this pleasure is not cheap.
The main difference between the dedicated server from the general is that while the general server has several sites, and the dedicated only one.
Another big advantage of a dedicated server is the independence from other sites. On a shared server, the traffic of the neighboring site can significantly slow down yours. With a dedicated server, the entire site belongs to you and no additional factor can affect the efficiency of its work.

Useful features of dedicated hosting

You would assume that all dedicated hosting offers the same features, but some subtleties can be decisive in one case or another. It is best to choose a dedicated server with plenty of disk space, preferably 1TB or more. As a rule, either a hard disk or a solid-state drive is used to store information. Depending on what your priority is: favorable price and high capacity or speed and reliability, you make your choice.
It is also important to have a large amount of RAM from 5GB, because e-commerce, customer service at all hours of the day, and continuous data transfer are very important for a successful online business. Usually, web hosting companies offer up to 16GB of RAM, but some also offer unlimited data transfer, but unfortunately not many.
You also need a web hosting service offering SSL if you plan to sell your product. An SSL connection ensures the security of the data you exchange with your customers.

Best dedicated hosting servers

We take a look at the top three best-dedicated servers of 2021 and identify their pros and cons.
A satisfactory dedicated server is the world’s leading game server hosting provider. The main characteristics of this server are:
• Game switching – switch between games without interrupting the game with a simple click of the mouse
• External backup – the server archives all data at each restart and eliminates the possibility of data loss
• Instant setup – the server is always up and running, no matter what time of day it is.
Liquid Web – reliability and speed.
• Fast load time
• Powerful servers
• Data centers in U.S. and EU
• Good customer support
• Control panel paid for separately
• Limited bandwidth
HostGator – has many useful features.
• Free control panel
• Unlimited databases
• Updates automatically
• No SSH access
• Rather a high cost of the service